VMC offers a full turn-key service to our clients.
From client contact, to opening the doors to your customers usually goes something like this:

To establish the client's target market and to find out the direction and feel of the store. Services are defined - as in retail and administration space, telephone and fax lines etc. Budgets and time frames are defined and agreed upon.

Full colour artist impressions of the store's front and internal view, along with fixtures are prepared by VMC's designers, highlighting individual elements to ensure a total understanding of the end results, by both client and landlord.

Preparation of accurate specifications ensure: - Compliance with the building permit certificate process - Approval by landlord's architects - Correct interpretation by the builder and tradespersons.

Precision documentation is one of VMC's hallmarks.

Shopping centre management, architects, council officers, tradesmen and building permit officers all appreciate the skills and experience of VMC personnel. This is a direct result of the knowledge that all VMC draftsmen are government registered and have a wealth of experience in working in the custom retail market.

Category one and two drawings are prepared showing reflected ceiling plans, floor plans, elevations, shopfront elevations, cross sections, all joinery details and fire and other cables plus electrical services.

After signing off, the client can concentrate on other aspects of their business, as VMC's project manager, who is registered with The Master Builders Association, will administer all of the following:

  • - Building Permits
  • - Town Planning Permits
  • - Services Check Lists
  • - Hydraulics
  • - Fire Services
  • - Heat Loads
  • - Induction Programs
  • - Tendering

Included in VMC project management is liaison, via regular on-site meetings, between the centre management and the builders, together with the installation of faxes, phones, eftpos facilities etc. All financials, including the releasing of deposits and progressive payments are handled by VMC. Finally a critical evaluation is undertaken, including follow up on any defects, if any, and the release of the final payment. The client can then stock out the store and commence trading confident that they have a store which is designed to appeal to their target market.

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